Beautiful decorative cushions at online furniture stores Netherlands

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A pillow can give your living room or other space that extra touch it needed. A pillow radiates warmth, and it gives a feeling of coziness. There is nothing better than lying with your head on a nice soft pillow and dreaming away with your favorite series or movie? With a knitted cushion from online furniture stores Netherlands, it becomes possible. We specialize in producing comfortable, beautiful and fine cushions. Our cushions give your interior a boost, in a positive way! is known for our beautiful designs in combination with distinct colors. Our pillows stand out and contribute to the entire look of your home. The furniture style represents warmth and coziness, the feeling that we try to convey with our cushions.

Other matching products at online furniture stores Netherlands

Have you found a nice pillow in our shop? Good to hear! We make it even more fun: you will also find matching tea towels and blankets with us. This way you complete your interior. How beautiful is it when a certain color returns on your sofa and in your kitchen? Our tea towels are made of high quality and also feature the same beautiful designs and colors. Recently you will also find kitchen towels with us, so we complete the picture in the kitchen.


Our blankets will most likely be an extension of your pillows and must match them. There is nothing more fun than matching pillows and blankets, you can find them at online furniture stores Netherlands.

You can see our Portuguese roots at online furniture stores Netherlands

The designer and founder of our company is of Portuguese descent. You can see the Portuguese roots reflected in our designs. Since childhood, Daniela has been fond of all things knitting. Her grandmother fascinated her with the skills of knitting and it never really ended. You can now also get acquainted with the Portuguese warmth by getting beautiful pillows, blankets and tea towels that match each other. All our products are made by hand and are therefore of great quality. Nothing goes out without a thorough inspection, that should be a comforting thought.

If it turns out that something is wrong with the products, you can contact us. We are of course happy to help you with a suitable solution. At online furniture stores Netherlands, you will find the products that complete your interior.


Advice from online furniture stores Netherlands

Are you not quite sure what fits well in your home? Then contact us. We are happy to help you and ensure that you make the right choice. There are plenty of online furniture stores in the Netherlands, but none like us. Unique in design, quality and service!


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Home Blankets

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Home blankets at Agatha Amsterdam.

The leaves are falling from the trees again, and it storms every now and then. Time to go back inside and make the house nice, cozy and comfortable! At Agatha Amsterdam we don't mind this weather at all, we love to create a pleasant atmosphere with natural materials and colors. One of the simplest ways to do this is through good use of accessories such as home blankets. With a cuddly home blanket on the couch your interior gets immediately a lot cozier. At Agatha Amsterdam you will find them in the most beautiful materials and shades.

What kind of home blankets Agatha Amsterdam offers?

If you have visited our website before, you know that we originated from a passion for Portugal. We combine this with a passion for stylish design of interior accessories, made from natural materials. The home blankets that we sell meet expectations in all areas: you will find both home blankets in the well-known patterns, which are typical of Portugal, as well as the most beautiful solid-color home blankets.

 Can these home blankets washed in the machine?

At Agatha Amsterdam we would like you to enjoy the beautiful home blankets from our collection for as long as possible. So yes, they can be washed in the washing machine. We do recommend using a washing program for delicates, but that seems logical to us. The temperature at which you wash the home blankets is at a maximum of 30 degrees. Preferably use a delicate detergent, so that you can enjoy your home blanket for years to come.


Which home blankets are currently the favorites?

There is a lot of choice in home blankets, so that you always find something that suits your interior. But let's make a proposal. We think the most special home blankets that Agatha Amsterdam offers you are the Serra. It stands out because of its intense color, and is inspired by the mountains of the interior of Portugal. The name Serra means mountain range, and that idea is reflected in the knitted triangular pattern, which resembles a mountain range. The home blankets are finished with a ribbed edge, and add a very stylish element to your bed or sofa.

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Knitted cushion

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With a knitted cushion cover you get quality in your home

Craftsmanship, that's what it's all about for us. This is reflected in the offer of  cushion covers on our website Knitting is something that had a negative connotation in the Netherlands. When we talk about knitting, many people quickly visualise a few elderly ladies who are knitting while enjoying a cup of coffee. Which makes sense, because it is popular among older people which is also a lot of fun. But you also see that knitting is very popular among young people, also in the Netherlands, knitted items are super hip again! Our products have their roots in Portugal and that is reflected in the designs. Every stitch is worked out to perfection and you get a product that you will not find anywhere else. Our knitted cushion covers are characterised by their unique appearance and the use of high-quality natural fibers.

Portuguese touch in the knitted cushion covers

The owner and founder of our company is of Portuguese descent. For that reason, many beautiful Portuguese elements are used, often combined with the wonderfully relaxed Amsterdam style. You can think of the shapes of traditional facades to animal images that have their origin in Portugal. In this way we know how to bring two worlds together in one product, something that makes our products unique.


Having a unique product in your home is what everyone wants. You will find a cushion cover from the better known furniture giants in every home, don't you want to be authentic instead? Have something that allows you to differentiate yourself from others and show what you stand for. This is possible with our cushion covers. It can also bring back memories to people from Portugal or others who have a special bond with the country.

A knitted cushion cover fits perfectly in different interior styles

Nowadays we see all kinds of trends in the field of interior. A knitted cushion cover can be worked in multiple styles, which is what makes the product so nice. With a sleek and cooler interior it provides liveliness, with a cozy and warm interior the cushion cover also blends perfectly. It enhances the pleasant feeling you get with this interior style. Due to the different colors, there is always a cushion cover that fits in your home. In addition, you have something at home that you will hardly find anywhere else, which is also worth a lot for many people. In a world where we want to share everything, being unique is just a bit more fun.

Knitted cushion cover as a gift

Giving a knitted cushion cover as a gift to someone who has a birthday or has graduated is always a good idea. A gift that really benefits them, because there are only a few days that a pillow in a bed or sofa is not used! Make someone's day even more fun by giving a knitted cushion cover as a gift: success guaranteed!

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Tea Towels

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The use of the tea towel 

Did you know that there used to be more different cloths in the kitchen? They had a cloth for the dishes, the tea towel, a hand towel and a cleaning cloth. One for filth and other things to clean, the dishcloth. And for glass there was a separate glass cloth, so that the glass always remained beautiful. Nowadays we hardly see any glass cloths anymore, they are "just" dried with the tea towel. In addition, the tea towel is used less intensively due to the advent of the dishwasher. Yet one thing remains certain: a tea towel is necessary.

For example, at a party where the washing machine cannot handle the amount of dishes, it is useful to have a tea towel at hand to quickly clean some wine glasses for the next round. Even if you (temporarily) do not have a dishwasher, such as during a renovation, washing by hand is necessary and a tea towel is required.

Nice designs

Get rid of those boring standard design tea towels. That tea towel from the better-known furniture store that literally everyone has hanging in his / her kitchen is a thing of the past. With our luxury design tea towels you bring a piece of authenticity into your home. Something others don't have. A luxury kitchen deserves a tea towel that exudes luxury, with a beautiful design.

It raises questions for others, it stands out and it even lets you enjoy drying the dishes. How nice is it when others ask for your tea towel on a birthday? You come across as a true interior stylist if you have even thought about the design of your tea towel, and match it with the rest of your (kitchen) interior.

Never iron a tea towel

When you purchase a luxury design tea towel, you naturally want it to hang nicely. It is not recommended to iron flat your tea towel, although it looks tight, it breaks more fibres than it yields. In addition to the fact that the washing machine already kills bacteria, ironing also ensures contact with even higher temperatures. In addition to killing the bacteria, it can cause the cotton fibers to damage and lose their functionality: absorbing moisture. The tea towel is made to absorb moisture when a piece of eating or cooking utensils are still wet.

Turning a wrinkle-free wash also ensures a smooth tea towel, and allows the tea towel to retain its functionality.

Buy your special tea towel now

Do you also want a special tea towel with a unique design? A tea towel that is different from others their tea towel? Something striking that fits seamlessly into your kitchen?

Buy your tea towel from us now, it is often delivered to your home the next day.

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Couch Throws

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Couch/ Bed throw 

One of the most favorite products at Agatha Amsterdam, and quite frankly also from Agatha herself, is our couch throw. A cosy bedspread has been a bit out of favor for a long time when it came to styling the bedroom. We think a couch / bed throw is a good way to create a luxurious atmosphere in the bedroom. We prefer to work with natural materials, and what could be better to create a harmonious atmosphere? Moreover, you can also use the couch / bed throw perfectly as a living blanket on the sofa, you can hide under it during the cold days.


What is the couch/ bed throw made of?

Everything we make at Agatha Amsterdam is made from natural materials, including the bedspread. Various designs are possible, but the material is cotton. 


How do I maintain my couch/ bed throw?

Normally, a couch / bed throw needs little to no "maintenance", after all, it lies as a cover on your bed, or as a plaid on the sofa. But of course you want to freshen things up every now and then, a must, also for other bedding, it is daily airing. That means just let it blow for half an hour, then shake it up like you do with a duvet, and ready: wonderfully fresh: If you still want to put everything in the washing machine, that's no problem. The throws are made out of 100% cotton, which you can wash at 30 degrees.


What are the benefits of a couch/ bed throw?

The great thing about a couch / bed throw is that you just have a completely different look in your bedroom. Or, as we suggested, in your living room. With a couch / bed throw you can go in any direction, the advantage is that with a striking couch / bed throw you immediately make a statement in your interior. If you are not sure yet, we are happy to help you make the right choice. 

In addition, we take good care of the planet and all our products are made in Europe. And we ensure that your couch / bed throw is made with the smallest possible ecological foot print, so that a couch / bed throw from Agatha Amsterdam feels even better!


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