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Home blankets at Agatha Amsterdam.

The leaves are falling from the trees again, and it storms every now and then. Time to go back inside and make the house nice, cozy and comfortable! At Agatha Amsterdam we don't mind this weather at all, we love to create a pleasant atmosphere with natural materials and colors. One of the simplest ways to do this is through good use of accessories such as home blankets. With a cuddly home blanket on the couch your interior gets immediately a lot cozier. At Agatha Amsterdam you will find them in the most beautiful materials and shades.

What kind of home blankets Agatha Amsterdam offers?

If you have visited our website before, you know that we originated from a passion for Portugal. We combine this with a passion for stylish design of interior accessories, made from natural materials. The home blankets that we sell meet expectations in all areas: you will find both home blankets in the well-known patterns, which are typical of Portugal, as well as the most beautiful solid-color home blankets.

 Can these home blankets washed in the machine?

At Agatha Amsterdam we would like you to enjoy the beautiful home blankets from our collection for as long as possible. So yes, they can be washed in the washing machine. We do recommend using a washing program for delicates, but that seems logical to us. The temperature at which you wash the home blankets is at a maximum of 30 degrees. Preferably use a delicate detergent, so that you can enjoy your home blanket for years to come.


Which home blankets are currently the favorites?

There is a lot of choice in home blankets, so that you always find something that suits your interior. But let's make a proposal. We think the most special home blankets that Agatha Amsterdam offers you are the Serra. It stands out because of its intense color, and is inspired by the mountains of the interior of Portugal. The name Serra means mountain range, and that idea is reflected in the knitted triangular pattern, which resembles a mountain range. The home blankets are finished with a ribbed edge, and add a very stylish element to your bed or sofa.

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