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With a knitted cushion cover you get quality in your home

Craftsmanship, that's what it's all about for us. This is reflected in the offer of  cushion covers on our website Knitting is something that had a negative connotation in the Netherlands. When we talk about knitting, many people quickly visualise a few elderly ladies who are knitting while enjoying a cup of coffee. Which makes sense, because it is popular among older people which is also a lot of fun. But you also see that knitting is very popular among young people, also in the Netherlands, knitted items are super hip again! Our products have their roots in Portugal and that is reflected in the designs. Every stitch is worked out to perfection and you get a product that you will not find anywhere else. Our knitted cushion covers are characterised by their unique appearance and the use of high-quality natural fibers.

Portuguese touch in the knitted cushion covers

The owner and founder of our company is of Portuguese descent. For that reason, many beautiful Portuguese elements are used, often combined with the wonderfully relaxed Amsterdam style. You can think of the shapes of traditional facades to animal images that have their origin in Portugal. In this way we know how to bring two worlds together in one product, something that makes our products unique.


Having a unique product in your home is what everyone wants. You will find a cushion cover from the better known furniture giants in every home, don't you want to be authentic instead? Have something that allows you to differentiate yourself from others and show what you stand for. This is possible with our cushion covers. It can also bring back memories to people from Portugal or others who have a special bond with the country.

A knitted cushion cover fits perfectly in different interior styles

Nowadays we see all kinds of trends in the field of interior. A knitted cushion cover can be worked in multiple styles, which is what makes the product so nice. With a sleek and cooler interior it provides liveliness, with a cozy and warm interior the cushion cover also blends perfectly. It enhances the pleasant feeling you get with this interior style. Due to the different colors, there is always a cushion cover that fits in your home. In addition, you have something at home that you will hardly find anywhere else, which is also worth a lot for many people. In a world where we want to share everything, being unique is just a bit more fun.

Knitted cushion cover as a gift

Giving a knitted cushion cover as a gift to someone who has a birthday or has graduated is always a good idea. A gift that really benefits them, because there are only a few days that a pillow in a bed or sofa is not used! Make someone's day even more fun by giving a knitted cushion cover as a gift: success guaranteed!

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