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The use of the tea towel 

Did you know that there used to be more different cloths in the kitchen? They had a cloth for the dishes, the tea towel, a hand towel and a cleaning cloth. One for filth and other things to clean, the dishcloth. And for glass there was a separate glass cloth, so that the glass always remained beautiful. Nowadays we hardly see any glass cloths anymore, they are "just" dried with the tea towel. In addition, the tea towel is used less intensively due to the advent of the dishwasher. Yet one thing remains certain: a tea towel is necessary.

For example, at a party where the washing machine cannot handle the amount of dishes, it is useful to have a tea towel at hand to quickly clean some wine glasses for the next round. Even if you (temporarily) do not have a dishwasher, such as during a renovation, washing by hand is necessary and a tea towel is required.

Nice designs

Get rid of those boring standard design tea towels. That tea towel from the better-known furniture store that literally everyone has hanging in his / her kitchen is a thing of the past. With our luxury design tea towels you bring a piece of authenticity into your home. Something others don't have. A luxury kitchen deserves a tea towel that exudes luxury, with a beautiful design.

It raises questions for others, it stands out and it even lets you enjoy drying the dishes. How nice is it when others ask for your tea towel on a birthday? You come across as a true interior stylist if you have even thought about the design of your tea towel, and match it with the rest of your (kitchen) interior.

Never iron a tea towel

When you purchase a luxury design tea towel, you naturally want it to hang nicely. It is not recommended to iron flat your tea towel, although it looks tight, it breaks more fibres than it yields. In addition to the fact that the washing machine already kills bacteria, ironing also ensures contact with even higher temperatures. In addition to killing the bacteria, it can cause the cotton fibers to damage and lose their functionality: absorbing moisture. The tea towel is made to absorb moisture when a piece of eating or cooking utensils are still wet.

Turning a wrinkle-free wash also ensures a smooth tea towel, and allows the tea towel to retain its functionality.

Buy your special tea towel now

Do you also want a special tea towel with a unique design? A tea towel that is different from others their tea towel? Something striking that fits seamlessly into your kitchen?

Buy your tea towel from us now, it is often delivered to your home the next day.

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