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Couch/ Bed throw 

One of the most favorite products at Agatha Amsterdam, and quite frankly also from Agatha herself, is our couch throw. A cosy bedspread has been a bit out of favor for a long time when it came to styling the bedroom. We think a couch / bed throw is a good way to create a luxurious atmosphere in the bedroom. We prefer to work with natural materials, and what could be better to create a harmonious atmosphere? Moreover, you can also use the couch / bed throw perfectly as a living blanket on the sofa, you can hide under it during the cold days.


What is the couch/ bed throw made of?

Everything we make at Agatha Amsterdam is made from natural materials, including the bedspread. Various designs are possible, but the material is cotton. 


How do I maintain my couch/ bed throw?

Normally, a couch / bed throw needs little to no "maintenance", after all, it lies as a cover on your bed, or as a plaid on the sofa. But of course you want to freshen things up every now and then, a must, also for other bedding, it is daily airing. That means just let it blow for half an hour, then shake it up like you do with a duvet, and ready: wonderfully fresh: If you still want to put everything in the washing machine, that's no problem. The throws are made out of 100% cotton, which you can wash at 30 degrees.


What are the benefits of a couch/ bed throw?

The great thing about a couch / bed throw is that you just have a completely different look in your bedroom. Or, as we suggested, in your living room. With a couch / bed throw you can go in any direction, the advantage is that with a striking couch / bed throw you immediately make a statement in your interior. If you are not sure yet, we are happy to help you make the right choice. 

In addition, we take good care of the planet and all our products are made in Europe. And we ensure that your couch / bed throw is made with the smallest possible ecological foot print, so that a couch / bed throw from Agatha Amsterdam feels even better!


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