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A pillow can give your living room or other space that extra touch it needed. A pillow radiates warmth, and it gives a feeling of coziness. There is nothing better than lying with your head on a nice soft pillow and dreaming away with your favorite series or movie? With a knitted cushion from online furniture stores Netherlands, it becomes possible. We specialize in producing comfortable, beautiful and fine cushions. Our cushions give your interior a boost, in a positive way! is known for our beautiful designs in combination with distinct colors. Our pillows stand out and contribute to the entire look of your home. The furniture style represents warmth and coziness, the feeling that we try to convey with our cushions.

Other matching products at online furniture stores Netherlands

Have you found a nice pillow in our shop? Good to hear! We make it even more fun: you will also find matching tea towels and blankets with us. This way you complete your interior. How beautiful is it when a certain color returns on your sofa and in your kitchen? Our tea towels are made of high quality and also feature the same beautiful designs and colors. Recently you will also find kitchen towels with us, so we complete the picture in the kitchen.


Our blankets will most likely be an extension of your pillows and must match them. There is nothing more fun than matching pillows and blankets, you can find them at online furniture stores Netherlands.

You can see our Portuguese roots at online furniture stores Netherlands

The designer and founder of our company is of Portuguese descent. You can see the Portuguese roots reflected in our designs. Since childhood, Daniela has been fond of all things knitting. Her grandmother fascinated her with the skills of knitting and it never really ended. You can now also get acquainted with the Portuguese warmth by getting beautiful pillows, blankets and tea towels that match each other. All our products are made by hand and are therefore of great quality. Nothing goes out without a thorough inspection, that should be a comforting thought.

If it turns out that something is wrong with the products, you can contact us. We are of course happy to help you with a suitable solution. At online furniture stores Netherlands, you will find the products that complete your interior.


Advice from online furniture stores Netherlands

Are you not quite sure what fits well in your home? Then contact us. We are happy to help you and ensure that you make the right choice. There are plenty of online furniture stores in the Netherlands, but none like us. Unique in design, quality and service!


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