Natural Materials in your interior

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Which natural materials do we use for the interior?

Agatha Amsterdam preferably uses natural materials for the interior decor but what materials exactly? If you have already taken a look at our website, then you must have seen that Agatha Amsterdam originated from a passion for knitting, in combination with the love for our roots in Portugal. We started to make trials with cotton and with wool, both are our absolute favorite to work with: wool is one of the most versatile materials that are available, and there is no need for animals to suffer: on the contrary we would say. When it comes to natural materials for the interior products, we chose to work with cotton


What can I combine these natural materials with?

If you go for the natural look in your living room, go in terms of material for wood, wool and reed. And if you think earth tones are boring and old fashioned, then you are mistaken. We get our inspiration example from the south of Portugal, of the sun-bleached colors. If you choose furniture made of wood, you can easily combine it with light earth tones such as off-white, beige, sand. But you can use a beautiful ocher or coral  against it to create an accent. Then boring is not in the picture, but the natural materials also ensure a perfect look in your interior.


How can I get inspiration?

The answer to that question is simple: walk through the spaces of Agatha Amsterdam, and see what you can do with natural materials.

Combining natural materials throughout your interior is actually very simple, because the materials naturally belong together. We give all kinds of ideas to make your interior an oasis of peace.

Does Agatha Amsterdam also provide a total picture? 

Agatha Amsterdam does, in addition to inspiring and showing people what is possible, nothing more than putting into practice what we do preach.

If you give us a space (or an entire house, or an office or practice space) to set up for you, then we go for it completely. If you, just as much as we do, love Portugal with its vibrant color patterns and modern designs and find that environment is also important, this is the perfect match. Our products are 100% made in Europe, and all materials purchased locally.


Are you sufficiently informed about the use natural materials? 

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