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Petrol colored cushions

At Agatha Amsterdam we prefer to work with natural materials and colors for the interior, in order to create a harmonious atmosphere. Many people have the impression that it is about neutral colors, but that is of course not necessary! We like to keep the base soft, where you can then work with color accents to add a certain experience. One of the easiest ways to achieve that is with pillows. Our favorite are certainly our petrol-colored cushions, which automatically give a contemporary look to the room. This color can also be combined very well with other vibrant colors, and the choice of materials makes it complete.

What can I combine petrol colored pillows well with?

If you would like to use petrol-colored pillows in a room, you will soon notice that a few colors go together less well because petrol is not a bright, but a distinct color. For example, black can look very chic, but don't use too much of it, otherwise it will quickly become gloomy and you don't want that.

In terms of natural materials, the petrol colored cushions are really ideal: they go great with both light and dark wood, so your petrol cushion will fit perfectly on a wooden bench, for example. At Agatha Amsterdam there is a lot of choice when it comes to the petrol color cushion: we have solid, but also the most fantastic patterns that are incorporated in the cushion. In addition, a number of pillows have a neutral and a motif side, so that you can vary even more.

How do I maintain my pillows?

Our cushions are made of 100% cotton, you can wash the covers at 30 degrees, including our petrol colored cushions.

Can Agatha Amsterdam also advise me?

If you find it difficult to make a choice, Agatha Amsterdam is more than happy to advise you. We love to inspire people and like to put our knowledge and experience into practice. And then it does not matter to us whether it is an office, a living room or something else, we can do something with everything. If you are looking for good advice for modern design with classic means (read materials): we are inspired by Portugal and its vibrant patterns. In addition, the environment is very important to us, so we ensure that our products are all made in Europe. Moreover, we purchase the materials we use for this locally, in order to keep our ecological footprint small.

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