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What are decorative cushion covers?

Decorative cushion covers. You have pillows and cushions, and then you have decorative cushions. The word says it all: these cushions are for decoration. If you have ever watched a design show, you know that every interior is finished with styling, which is often synonymous with cushions; decorative cushions. There is no bedroom without the decorative cushions that set the style for the entire room. And certainly no sofa without decorative cushions! Fancy a different look?

Replace your decorative cushions and voilá! Even better: just replace the covers. Would you like to buy new cushion covers? View our range here. 


Why are decorative cushion covers a better choice?

If you want to keep up with the latest trends, replacing your cushion covers is the easiest way: by using a different cover to put your cushion you update your interior immediately! You can vary endlessly, not only in the chosen color, but also in design and material. Varying the material also adds a different style to the environment: one space requires soft, fluffy throw pillow covers, the other, for example, thick cotton or coarsely woven.

What should you pay attention to when choosing decorative cushion covers?

A decorative cushion is a statement for the space in which you use them, so it is important that you think carefully about what you want to emphasise. We make cushion covers but also other interior products, such as throws, making it easier to combine. You want your cushion covers to match the rest of the interior in terms of color, design, but certainly also in terms of material, and you want an eye-catcher, something special almost like a painting. The cushion covers from Agatha Amsterdam help you with this. It is also good to realize the different sizes of the cushion covers, combining them is always a good idea!


What makes the Agatha Amsterdam decorative cushion covers special?

The decorative cushion covers from Agatha Amsterdam were created, inspired by my roots in Portugal. It started with the love for knitting, and for the Portuguese culture with its specific (ceramic) animal figures, and the search for the perfect combination of the two. This has resulted in distinctive interior products that are surprisingly modern. Everything is perfectly coordinated and therefore easy to combine.

We work with products that are 100% made in Europe, and all materials are purchased locally in order to keep our ecological footprint small.

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